University of Edinburgh

CACDP Level 3 Certificate in Modifying Written English Texts for Deaf People Unit T303

Date: January - October 2009 (distance / online learning)

Course evaluation summary

Number of Participants: 4
Number of Respondents: 4

1. How did you find the support on the weekly activities?
Not applicable.
Very Good.
The support was good and extra support was available if required.

2. Was there enough material to guide you on WebCT?
Yes. (3)
Not applicable. (1)

3. Did you find the comments helpful from the course tutor?
Not Applicable.
Very helpful.
Yes, they were constructive and very helpful.

4.Were you clear about how to do the portfolio pieces?
Yes. (2)
Mostly, although I wanted greater access to the website but in the few days before submission I could not get on. (1)
Yes, this was explained clearly. (1)

5.What were your feelings about the exam and arrangements?
The exam time was too short; I don’t feel you can modify and analyse a text in 11/2 hrs.
Time too short; with portfolio work we should just have had to do modification.
The exam time was far too short - it did not give me a chance to do my best. Perhaps an extra hour would be better or only do a modification without an evaluation.

6. Would you recommend this course to other people?  Explain why:
Yes - but more time is needed to study.  I have learnt a lot on this course and feel other people should do it to gain the knowledge and skills I have gained.
Yes - good professional development for a wide range of practitioners.  Improving practise for many people who have been doing it without any theoretical or linguistic basis.
Yes - even though you have done modification before this course is excellent for improving your skills.