Curriculum for Excellence and Sensory Impaired Young People

Presented on Tuesday 10 March 2010

Curriculum For Excellence Update

Maggie Smith Team Leader Inclusion and Equality
Patricia Carroll National Development Officer
Jennifer McDougall Glow Development Officer
Learning and Teaching Scotland

Purpose of the session

Provide an update on national Curriculum for Excellence developments.



Let's remind ourselves what CfEis all about ...


The curriculum: all that we plan for children and young people's learning - across 4 contexts

Experiences and outcomes 8 curriculum areas

6 Entitlements Including broad general education; Senior phase; Skills for learning, for life and for work

7 Principles for planning

Building the Curriculum 3: a framework for learning and teaching
"Curriculum for Excellence allows for both professional autonomy and responsibility when planning and delivering the curriculum ... The framework provides flexibility ... such flexibility will result in a more varied pattern of curriculum structures to reflect local needs and circumstances." (pp. 11-12)

"The changes ... should lead to improved quality of learning and teaching and increased attainment and achievement for all children and young people in Scotland, including those who need additional support in their learning." BTC3 pg 3

Experiences and outcomes -some previous comments...

The questions haven't changedbut the answers have...

What does this mean in practice?

Remember you are not starting from scratch!


We need to be confident enough to keep what is good, develop new ideas and get rid of the stuff which has no real impact even when staff and parents like it! "But we've always had, done... "

Building the Curriculum 4
Skills for learning, life and work
16+ Learning Choices

'Formal' destinations

'Non-Formal' destinations

Some Big Challenges

Building the Curriculum 5
Quote from Cabinet Secretary:

"The new assessment framework is designed to recognise and develop pupils' skills and knowledge across the board. The system will provide more opportunities for pupils to demonstrate their ability to think and solve problems as well pass exams."

New approach for assessment

What is the NAR?

Trusting Teachers' Judgements
In order to make sound professional judgements staff will need to:

How might professional confidence be built up?

"Regular, planned opportunities for dialogue will be required within and across establishments to help staff share and consistently apply standards"
Building the Curriculum 3, June 2008: page 27

National Assessment Resource

national assessment

Integration with existing services


Assessment evidence may come from things pupils

Integrationin response to their learning experiences.

The assessment process will involve gathering and consideration of the evidence by teachers and learners, using agreed criteria, in order to arrive at judgements about what has been learned and how well, and what needs to be done next.

Curriculum for Excellence
Personal Support Entitlement

"Every child and young person is entitled to personal support to enable them to gain as much as possible from the opportunities that Curriculum for Excellence can provide"

So ... what is happening in Personal Support?

Key messages

key messages

Books for All
Accessible Curriculum Materials

To be a ...

Books for All

Books for All User Group

Accessing the Books for All Scotland Database

Next Steps

Books for All

Moving Forward: School priorities for this session

Work in progress

Other support

Keep an eye out for ...

Revamp of CfE web site re ByC

Framework document for BtC4 issue early spring 2010

New materials for Universal Support

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