University of Edinburgh

New Qualifications and Assessment Information Day

Presented on Monday 13 May 2013

Curriculum for Excellence

Linda Rae, Education Officer, Education Scotland

From Broad General Education to Senior Phase


The Senior Phase

  • Provides specialisation, depth and rigour.
  • Prepares young people to achieve qualifications to the highest level of which they are capable.
  • Continues to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.
  • Continues to include learning across the four contexts.
  • Supports young people to achieve a positive and sustained destination.

Learning in the Senior Phase

Learning in the senior phase will continue to be active, engaging and enterprising building directly on the broad general education.

Features of this type of learning include:

  • learning independently
  • learners taking greater responsibility for their own learning
  • active learning
  • collaborative learning
  • applying learning and skills development

New National Qualifications

  • Qualifications developed by SQA
  • Designed to build directly from the experiences and outcomes of broad general education.
  • Support the values, purposes and principles of CfE Units and courses available at:
    • National
    • 1-5 Higher
    • Advanced Higher

Support for new National Qualifications




Next steps