University of Edinburgh

New Qualifications and Assessment Information Day

Presented on Monday 13 May 2013

Wider Achievement Awards

Rhona Bain, Business Development Manager at SQA

Notes: My remit and role includes having responsibility for supporting schools, colleges, training providers and indeed businesses who deliver SQA qualifications in my region in terms of helping them consider options for which qualifications to deliver, supporting them through the approval process, the QA around that and to ensure that when new qualifications become available within the wider achievement arena that they are made aware of them and provide them with the necessary information around support and assessment requirements for these qualifications.

Overview of Session

  • What is an Award?
  • Who are Awards for?
  • Flexibility in relation to Awards: Personalisation and Choice/li>
  • Overview of some of the awards available
  • Support for the new Awards

SQA Wider Achievement Awards

  • Awards offer another way of recognising achievements in school, college or community-based learning.
  • Small and flexible.
  • Suitable for any type of learner.
  • National recognised certificate.
  • Internally assessed.
  • SCQF Levels 1-6

Notes: SQA's Wider Achievement Awards form part of our overall portfolio of qualifications which have been designed and developed to provide recognition for wider achievement activities and so provide more options for students in doing so. They are designed to promote confidence, independent thinking and positive attitudes.

Who are Awards for?

Awards are appropriate for a wide range of learners:

  • in schools,
  • in colleges - whether school leavers or adult returners,
  • in training organisations, particularly when they wish to focus on work ready skills,
  • voluntary and social enterprise organisations where learners wish to develop life skills.

Current Awards

  • Volunteering Skills – SCQF level 3-5
  • Employability – SCQF levels 3-4
  • Leadership – SCQF levels 5-6
  • NPA Enterprise and Employability – SCQF levels 4-5
  • NPA Enterprise and Business – SCQF level 6
  • Steps to Work – SCQF levels 2-4
  • Skills for Work – SCQF levels 3-6
  • Internet Safety – SCQF level 4
  • Personal Development – SCQF levels 2-6
  • Safe Road User – SCQF level 4
  • Personal Finance Award – SCQF level 4
  • Languages for Life and Work – SCQF levels 3-4
  • Personal Achievement Award – SCQF levels 1-2
  • Religion, Belief and Values – SCQF levels 3-6
  • Wellbeing Award SCQF levels 3-5
  • Personal Development Award - SCQF levels
  • IT Awards at various levels

Employability Award

Available at Levels 3 and 4

2 Mandatory Units

  • Preparing for Employment: First Steps
  • Building your Employability Skills

2 Optional Units

  • Responsibilities of Employment
  • Dealing with Work Situations
  • Assessment Support Packs available

Cycling Awards

  • Available at National 1 and National 2
  • Consists of two mandatory units
  • Cycle Safety Checks/Cycle Safety and Maintenance
  • Encourages using cycling as healthy lifestyle including respect for environment

Steps to Work

  • Available at SCQF levels 2 to 4
  • 2 Units: Personal context and Practical context
  • Designed to fill gap in education of vulnerable, disengaged and hard to reach young people
  • Aims to develop self esteem, self awareness and self confidence
  • Candidates encouraged to engage in learning in areas which interest them

Personal Achievement

  • National 1 and 2
  • Rationale: Develop confident learners, increase level of communication, experience and contribute to the community
  • Bronze level: 2 units
  • Silver level: 4 units
  • Gold level: 6 units
  • Assessment

Wellbeing Award

  • National levels 3-5
  • Rationale: To explore factors which influence wellbeing, consider link between mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing
  • Mandatory 2 units: Explore Wellbeing and Improve Wellbeing
  • Skills: investigation, communication, decision making, target setting, working with others
  • Assessment and Support

SQA Support

  • SQA Website: Unit Specifications, Assessment Arrangements
  • SQA Secure Website: Assessment Support Packs, Learning and Teaching Packs
  • External Assessment
  • Approval process
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Certification
  • Cost