University of Edinburgh

Quality Improvement Workshop

Presented on Monday, 7th November 2016


This workshop supported services in reviewing the quality of their provision for children with sensory impairment so that they can effectively demonstrate their impact. The workshop:

  • Provided an overview of the importance of quality improvement.
  • Introduced services to the NatSIP quality improvement pack.
  • Facilitated group activities, using self-audit tools.
  • Discussed how the quality improvement pack can be applied to services in Scotland.

By the end of this workshop, participants werel more aware of the tools and resources available to them to show their impact and also felt more confident in demonstrating the impact they are making to their authorities.


Participants said:

"Excellent presentation from Tina Wakefield - very informative and funny!"

"Apart from excellent presentation, opportunity to network and to hear about other services and schools."

Target Audience

Heads of Sensory Services, Quality Improvement Officers, Teachers of the Deaf and Teachers of Visual Impairment.


Tina Wakefield, Education Consultant for the National Deaf Children’s Society and former Head of Service and Teacher of the Deaf.