University of Edinburgh

iPads & iPods in Special and Inclusive Education

Presented on Thursday 27 September 2012


There were lots of inspirational apps and ideas for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. This was not an advanced course - there were no technical language or explanations! Some of the topics the course covered include:

  • creating an iTunes account, connecting the iPad to this and the best way to run/fund this account;
  • using an ipod/ipad to enhance active learning;
  • apps to stimulate engagement, attention & interaction;
  • using the native apps on the iPad;
  • using the iPad for presentations;
  • using the iPad2 with a big screen projector;
  • using the iPad camera for assessment and fun;
  • iPads and autism;
  • controlling sensory environments with iPads;
  • alternative communication apps.

Target Audience: Parents, teachers and other professionals working with learners who have additional support needs including sensory impairments with complex needs, autism in special schools/units/colleges and those working in inclusive pre-5 settings.

Presenter: Richard Hirstwood


10.20 am Welcome and Introduction, Janis Sugden

10.30 am An introduction to the iPod - starting from the basics to more advanced functions.

  • How do you create an iTunes account?
  • How should I organise my apps and folders?
  • And more ...

11.30 am Using the iPad to enhance active learning! Apps to stimulate engagement, interaction and communication.

This session looked at the range of apps available from Simple visual stimulation through to more complex music Creation.

    1.30 pm Richard looked at practicalities such as connecting your iPad to a sound system or projector. What about using the camera for assessment? This session focused on using the iPad with other accessories and devices.

    3 pm Using the iPad in the multi sensory room - how, what & what? Also a quick look at creating mini-sensory environments using the iPad.

  • 3.45 pm Course Evaluation and close