iPads & iPods in special and inclusive education

Presented on Thursday 27 September 2012

Course evaluation summary

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

First investigate further the various apps.
I will be using some of the ideas in school by taking my own iPad in to use with a working group. Will be putting together a case for iPad trial in the Region so material will be useful for that.
I will try and get an iPad for classroom use and use the ideas for some low cost sensory room additions.
Disseminate to colleagues and to schools.
Many of the apps will be ideal for the children I work with - in mainstream and special school settings - brilliant!
To help the children visually with different experiences.
To enhance the children’s learning through using the iPad.
Share app ideas with staff back at school. Choose apps to use with VI students for visual stimulation activities. Would like to purchase a Wowee to use with an iPad for a deafblind student.
Directly to enhance children's learning.
Will go and have a think about that!
More imaginative use of iPad. Look at it less as a computer and use more interactively.
To implement education within a secondary school using accessibility features and appropriate apps. Learned about a range of apps available, how to search and sources of information on the web.
Pass on to clients who are looking for technology which can help everyday.
Explore relevant apps and word processing packages to use in work.
Assessment of pupils. Increased use of iPad in school.
To inform colleagues about iPad use/apps etc, especially in area of MDVI and VI babies (use of visual apps).
Feedback to rest of school, ICT development group. Link use of iPads to multisensory. Downloads, lots of useful apps to use in class!
As an argument for wi-fi at work. Knowledge.
With literacy.
Personally I'll search about loads – but as yet I cannot use any of this in school – which is a real downer.
I will use this to transform my teaching of using iPads with pupils who have ASN – especially in the sensory room.
Can now use iPad. Afternoon better than morning.
I will definitely use the information today. Download many of the apps. Use with MDVI pupils. Give info to mainstream schools so they can download some of the apps too. Speak nicely to boss to ask for a projector for sensory room!
I can’t wait to get started exploring various apps for use with my pupils.
Will be able to ensure iPad is accessible to all children/young people using our service.
Pursue the purchase of iPad - present a case.
Share with other staff at school. Intend to purchase my own iPad. Enhance my pupils' learning.
Use iPad as an assessment tool. Use iPad as a learning tool. Use iPad as a reward.
Writing it up to pass it on.
Limited use of apps or info for school situation.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Finding out about useful apps.
The variety of apps demonstrated.
Developing the uses of iPad in sensory areas particularly speech and interaction.
Vast amount of info and presented in a fun way.
I came with a particular child’s needs in mind, however I can see how well an iPad would benefit my entire class!
Seeing some apps that I've not seen before and also more ideas (4) for their use.
The whole day was fabulous - it was pitched at just the right level for me, a novice iPad user!
Really enjoyed the course.
Everything! (2)
Amount of detail and practical uses.
Gave me so many ideas to use with visually impaired children – 'visual stimulation'.
Amount of information given. Really practical.
Examples ie using brollys.
Interesting - fast paced.
Presenter delivered the course in a fun and informative way. Learning about range of apps and also how to search for apps was interesting.
A little fast for me but my prior knowledge was poor. I think most people would have gained much more than I did from the day. This is not criticism of the lecturer, more of my previous knowledge.
Introduction to endless apps available and how best to find them. How to use iPad through data projectors.
Action-packed. All relevant and specific to ASN.
Info about all apps (especially story apps); very entertaining and informative presentation.
Finding out about useful apps and useful ideas for using iPads and embedding them in my teaching practice.
Exposure to what is available.
Enthusiasm of presenter (4) - shame so many things didn’t work or crashed though.
Start - very fast - assumption everyone had iPad and knew how to work it! Lunch delicious.
Practical - how to connect etc, how to create folders etc. So many great apps I wouldn't have been aware of.
Fast paced, however this was to allow for the huge amount of information and advice packed into the course.
Learning what apps are available.
Various ideas that can be pursued easily and cheaply. Demonstrated the versatility of apps.
It was all very interesting! Seeing some brilliant apps that I can use with my pupils.
Presenter had lots of expertise on apps that will help teachers in a support role.
The afternoon.
Interesting presenter.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

More practical examples of using the apps, case videos of apps 'in action', more about accessibility options.
A little too much emphasis on primary education or for pupils with poor ability.
Introduction to vast range of apps and ideas.
More hours in the day.
How can we convince our Region to support iPads? Help!
The temperature in the room: it was a bit chilly! (2)
A bit of hands-on.
Submit things we wanted to know in advance. Not enough time on technical aspects.
A little more basic information.
I would have liked a few more suggestions of apps to use with HI pupils (3), including BSL/sign support as emphasis was on VI and autism (2).
Quite fast paced but very enjoyable (slower pace).
More time to learn more!
It was too quick for me (2). Course info indicated that course was suitable for a complete novice. It was aimed at more experienced (users).
Speed was probably just too fast - fine that loads if not all is on the website but possibly too much too quickly.
Would be great to have more courses like this that was available to more staff.
Aim for secondary age pupils.
Fewer technical issues (though not a major issue).
It would have been great to have the opportunity to explore some of the apps ourselves.
Within the confines of time - difficult to improve.
A list of apps that was used during presentation.
More about sensory impairment.

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