University of Edinburgh

Improve Access to Education for Pupils with Disabilities (SEED, October 2002): Focus on Visual Impairment and Hearing Impairment

Presented in January, 2003


  • 10 am Introduction to the day
  • 10.30 am Background to the publication of Let Me Read it!

    10.45 am Alternative formats for pupils with visual impairment

    11.00 am Planning and support for accessible information

    11.50 am In-house technology solutions

    12.15 pm Daisy demonstration

  • 1.45 pm Disability Discrimination Act
  • 3.15 pm Workshops: Creating Accessibility Strategies:
  • Group 1: Curriculum and Assessment

  • Group 2: The Physical Environment
  • Group 3: Communication

    3.45 pm Feedback from Workshops

    4 pm Evaluation and Finish

Presenters and Workshop Tutors:

Dr Mary Brennan, SSC
Neil Todd, RNIB
Jamie Cuthbertson, RNIB
Jo Fullerton, RNIB
Lilian Lawson, SCoD


Jamie Cuthbertson, Jo Fullerton and Neil Todd (2002) Let me read it! Royal National Institute of the Blind, Scotland

Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters (2002) Creating Linguistic Access for Deaf and Deafblind People: A Strategy for Scotland