University of Edinburgh

Education (Additional Support For Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004: Implementing the new legislation: the HMIe perspective

Monday 13 February 2006


HMIe have been asked by Scottish Ministers to carry out a task to monitor and evaluate the consistency, effectiveness and efficiency of education authorities in implementing the new legislation, and to ensure that procedures are introduced in line with the duties of the ASL Act, and the Scottish Executive Education Department's Code of Practice. Inspectors will produce an evaluative report on the implementation of the Act for Scottish Ministers by Summer 2007. What are the key aspects of the Act to be evaluated by HMIe and what are the implications of these aspects for teachers of pupils with additional support needs including children and young people with a visual impairment?

Presenters: Kate Hannah, HM Inspectorate of Education, Clydebank;
Mike Gibson.


10.30 am ASL Act - Mike Gibson

11.15 am Discussion

11.30 am HMIe perspective - Kate Hannah

12.15 pm Discussion