University of Edinburgh

Education (Additional Support for Learning)(Scotland) Act 2004

Support for Learning Division
Scottish Executive

Mike Gibson

Presented on Monday 13 February 2006

“The Act and the code are about giving all young people the best possible start in life, and supporting those who need additional support, both in learning and in preparation for life.”
Robert Brown, Deputy Minister for Education and Young People

presumption of mainstreaming
unlawful to discriminate
accessibility strategies
Additional Support for Learning Act

Additional Support for Learning Act 2004
what we did
pressure points

Main provisions
“additional support needs”
new duties on education authorities
new duties on appropriate agencies
rights for parents
resolving differences

Additional support needs
temporary medical conditions
family circumstances
language and communication disorders
terminal illness in family
sensory impairment

Duties on educational authoriteis
provide for each individual child
provide for certain disabled children 0-3 years
plan for changes in school education
prepare coordinated support plans

rights for parents
resolving differences
code of practice

Appropriate agencies
who are they?
new duties
post-school transition

code of practice
training resource pack
Enquire’s Parents’ guide and leaflets
ASNT’s guide for parents
Skill Scotland’s guide to the Act: transition from school
LTS inclusive education website