University of Edinburgh

Braille Literacy and Numeracy

Aberdeen 13 February 2013

Elaine Brackenridge, Royal Blind School
Janis Sugden, Co-ordinator, Scottish Sensory Centre, Edinburgh

Programme Day One

    10.30 Braille Practical Session (drawing) Elaine Brackenridge

  • 11 Pre-Braille Skills in the Early Years, Janis Sugden

    11.30 Pre-Braille Skills: Practical Activities, Elaine Brackenridge, Janis Sugden

    1.15 Pre-Braille reading activities/discussion, Janis Sugden, Elaine Brackenridge

    Introducing the Braille codes

    Unified English Braille (UEB) developments

    3 Practical session with Braillers, Elaine Brackenridge

    3.45 Course Evaluation and close

    Programme: Day Two

    10.30 Introduction to Braille numbers and signs, Elaine Brackenridge

    Practical activities including:

    The layout of sums

    Concrete materials

    1.15 Braille diagrams/pictures, Janis Sugden

    practical sessions making pictures

    3 A brief consideration of Braille technology: Duxbury

    A case study: What worked in mainstream?

    3.45 Course Evaluation and close