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Braille Literacy and Numeracy

Presented on Wednesday 13 February 2013 (Aberdeen)

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How will you use what you have learned today?

Hopefully all of it - not due to start this course [braille competency] until April.
I have started teaching Braille for the first time, and I will use some of the ideas and explore resources with him as a result.
Am supporting Braille user currently and one other next year so very relevant for me. To improve resources for pre-braille teaching.
I plan to keep up-to-date with the changes in UEB.
I manage both VI and HI - my background is HI so today's info has given me a greater understanding of the work of the VI teachers in our Sensory Team.
Some of the practical ideas will be able to be put in place for children I work with. All the textiles I thought were a good idea.
Lots of practical ideas to take back to use with beginning braille user.
New pre-braille skills for pupils - including some complex children. Better idea how to approach an older child losing vision, from discussions.
Lots of useful information that I can put into practice with VI children. Was shown lots of useful resources that would be used, that we don't already have.
As a fairly new Vision Support Teacher I will take my improved knowledge of resources and apply it to my practice in my peri role. Found the anecdotal info very helpful.
Practical activities to take away and use with my pupils.
To make Braille resources suitable for the children the Vision Support Service supports.
Continue to develop what I do in workplace. Embark on teaching Braille to two pupils.
Lots of helpful information that I'm sure I will get the good of when I start my Braille course.
Good tips and information. I'm about to start learning Braille and found the information very helpful.
To support braille user and the team working with learner.
Just starting to learn Braille - excellent introduction.
Supporting staff to support pupils, families and schools.
All of the practical resources will be very useful for me to try out with pre-school children (2 young Braillists coming through). Informative talk regarding the UEB, which will be my next challenge.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


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What was best about the course/event?

All of it.
Presentations. Seeing a wide variety of resources. Maths Braille. Really good to have the time to look at resources, and discuss with others.
Information given. Meeting others. Case studies. Seeing materials.
Enthusiasm and experience shared by both speakers.
I really enjoyed all the content.
The practical aspects of supporting VI children - adaptations. Info about changes to braille codes.
Great opportunity to explore resources.
Practical sessions - seeing different resources.
I'm quite new so I found the whole textiles and use of Brailler very helpful.
Sharing, practise with colleagues and hearing about the wide range of maths resources - lots of good ideas. Enjoyed it all!
Supportive/pleasant and relaxed presentation. Time to concentrate on one aspect of job. Case histories/stories to illustrate. Wide variety of equipment/resources to explore and take ideas from.
Resources shown. Knowledge of people running course (very friendly people).
The course was interesting but informal and flexible enough to allow participants to ask questions. Both ladies were interesting and conveyed the information in a very relevant way.
Really enjoyed the mix of theory and practical activities - well done!
All of it, but especially when you had activities to show us as you spoke.
Information on pre-braille skills/range of resources to assist with the teaching of Braille Maths available to look at was very helpful.
Sharing experiences.
Meeting other people with lots of experience and all the positive stories about children who have benefitted from the SSC.
Meeting other individuals in same position.
Examples from stories and resources, practical [hands on].
Intro to braille machine.
Accessibility of content for a mixed ability audience.
Very clearly presented with a lot of advice and suggestions to use when working with children with visual impairment. Demonstrated a wide range of pre-braille and braille resources. A good balance of information and hands-on practical demonstration. Well done, no need for any change. Really enjoyed hearing all the interesting success stories. Very positive.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Asking what do you hope to learn/get out of the course at the beginning - then checking have I answered all this at the end.
Further practical braille maths examples laying out of sums but not possible to fit in today. More on introduction to braille.
Nothing: presenters listened to what was required and delivered. Laptop working with data projector would have been good.


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Comment: It's a great source of info and ideas.
Suggestions: More video clips as ones there are great.

How did you hear about this course?

Head Teacher (2)
Inservice Training (1)
Other: Negotiated with Janis Sugden/SSC (1)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Braille for beginners.
Updates on Braille due to UEB.
Supporting high level large print users.
Braille and braille/large print technology.
Level 3 BSL.
Level 2 BSL reinforcement.
UEB training.
Teaching social skills to visually impaired.
To be decided but we would definitely like another outreach course as it was great for us all to learn together.
Quality indicators for Sensory Services based on How Good is Our School (HGIOS), which is endorsed by HMIe (working group).