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Early Years Developmental Journal

The Developmental Journal is part of the DfES Early Support Initiative in England. The document is intended for use by parents and families, in partnership with teachers of the visually impaired and other professionals who are involved with the children. The Journal is primarily intended for visually impaired children from birth until three years of age, however, it can also be used for children who are developing more slowly or who may have additional motor, sensory or learning difficulties. Using the Journal enables parents to track their child's development, helping them to record and celebrate progress through the early years. The Journal supports partnership working between families and professionals by providing a shared basis for discussion and a common framework of reference when many different people are in contact with a child and family. It supports effective early intervention by improving everyone's understanding of the developmental processes involved. For more details see:

The SSC is able to provided training on the use of this Journal on an Outreach basis; the training usually takes about half a day and course participants receive a copy of the Journal. This course will introduce the publication, look at the theory behind it, explain why it was developed and suggest practical ways to use it.

Please feel free to contact the SSC regarding outreach training for dates, costs, etc.
Messages from parents using the Developmental Journal:

"It also helped us understand what to expect and how to plan for the months ahead".

"The Journal is a fantastic idea - it is a great tool that has boosted my confidence in my son's ability to learn as well as my ability to do the best for him as a mother."

"The Activity cards are particularly useful and can be copied and shared with grandparents, other people involved like health visitors and therapists, and child-minders so everyone is doing the same thing."

"As a distillation of good practice, the developmental journal provides us with experience on tap whenever we need it. Just knowing it is there is reassuring."