University of Edinburgh

Outreach course: Visual Impairment and Early Years

Inverness 25-26 April 2013


Janis Sugden, Co-ordinator and Lorna Hall, Early Years Consultant, Scottish Sensory Centre, Edinburgh


Day 1

  • 9.45 Overview of Current Legislation relating to Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs in Scotland: particularly those with a visual impairment, Janis Sugden
  • 10.15 Early intervention: Roles and Responsibilities, Janis Sugden
  • 11.00 Background to Developmental Journal: Brief aims, research findings, ages, stages and activity cards, Lorna Hall
  • 13.00 How vision develops in the Early Years, Janis Sugden
  • 13.45 Developmental Journal: Activity 1 Record of developing vision, Vision Activity Cards, Visual environment: including sensory materials and visual stimulation, Lorna Hall
  • 14.45 Developmental Journal: Getting Stuck, Challenges for implementation
  • 3.15 Summary and Course Evaluation

Day 2

  • 9.45 Observation and assessment of vision in the early years; informal and structured assessments including commercially produced materials, Janis Sugden
  • 11.00 Strategies to support babies and infants with VI, Janis Sugden
  • 13.00 How vision develops in the Early Years, Janis Sugden
  • 14.45 Early sensory activities including pre-braille skills: in this session we will look at Sensory Stories using the Be Active Box, considering the auditory, tactile and motor skills required to access appropriate medium of communication, Lorna Hall
  • 3.15 Summary and Course Evaluation