University of Edinburgh

Maths Early Years, Braille and Large Print

Presented in April 2005

Teaching Maths: Braille & Large Print The Early Years

Extract from Mathematics in the National Curriculum: Implications for Visually Impaired Pupils, [published by Northwest SEMERC (Oldham)]

Hand and Arm Manipulative Skills Necessary for Maths Activities

  • Picking up - eg, small objects - cubes help.
  • Flat shapes - coins put on a non-slippery surface.
  • Use of stencils - holding still while drawing within.
  • Use of templates - holding still while drawing round.

Use of rulers

  • holding still while drawing
  • making a straight line the whole length of the ruler
  • lining up.

Using a metre ruler - particularly when not held horizontally, and with no other support than the pupil’s hand/arm.

Putting things onto a balance (eg, the number balance).

Putting things into a balance pan (ie, without tipping up).

Pouring from one container to another.

Feeling along edges, corners, surfaces, etc.

Fitting together and breaking apart unifix or multi-cubes.

Dienes Base 10 - fitting ten units alongside a long (ten)- fitting ten longs on a flat (hundred).

Threading operations.

Paper folding activities.

Scanning and searching.