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Lilly & Gogo: a multi-sensory package to encourage use of vision and communication

Learning with Lilly & Gogo™

a multimodally stimulating scheme for training young visually impaired and for children with additional impairment. Suitable for the hands of experts and parents also. Lilly&Gogo™ is a multimedia approach for visual stimulation and perception training, designed by the ophthalmologist Lea Hyvärinen, Gerti Jaritz an educationalist and a journalist.

The programme has been enlarged and adapted according to practical needs and children's demands.

As we all know it is essential to stimulate visually impaired children to use their sight as much as possible. The

programme catches the children's interest and helps establishing a structure they can also recognise in daily life.

The programme is based on visual and pedagogical principles (contrast, recognition, symbolisation, pragmatical aspects of visual stimulation), taking into account visual competence (attention, tracking, touch, motor skills and communication) and the developmental level of children.

The programme has taken into account all the latest findings of brain research: the sequence of pictures is slow enough, the main figures are wearing high contrast patterned clothes, the choice of colours has been specially planned, luminosity/brightness meets the special needs of the visually impaired.

Recognising the importance of different sensorial and motor levels the programme - pedagogically designed - takes into account:

  • attention tasks (high contrast stimulation, speed of presentation, movitational factors)/li>
  • perceptional tasks (slides, pictures)
  • cognitive tasks (repetition, comparison, recognition)
  • emotional tasks (possibility of identification)
  • pragmatic tasks (vision for doing, active handling of the child withe the items, transfer to daily living)
  • multimodal coding and decoding processes (visual, auditory, haptic, kinaesthetic)
  • use of new technologies (video, computer game)

overview of lilly and gogo

Graph 1: Overview of Lilly and Gogo™