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Lilly & Gogo: a multi-sensory package to encourage use of vision and communication

Learning with Lilly & Gogo™

Lilly & Gogo: a multi-sensory package to encourage use of vision and communication

Lilly & Gogo™, the materials include:

The Video: Five stories from the daily life of children, young children as actors, simple script, short sequences, several variants of each theme, music composed for these films.

The Dolls: small dolls, to test saccado-movemements, and finding out the smallest object the child can discern;

hand puppets, for role games and visual training;

large dolls with ears, nose and genitals to teach the body scheme and activities of daily life (ADL)

medium sized dolls with appear on:

The Photocards to improve the concept of object-picture relation, the concept of space and the concept of similarity.

The Series of Slides with the same motives are excellent devices for teaching far-distant vision.

The Picture Books: to train picture perception, to recognise the sequence of action, comparison between photo and graphic representation. The pictures are appropriate for starting to use magnifying glases. There are a lot of possibilities to work and play with the books. Each book has its special colour and its own pictogram, to achieve a concept of permanence.

The Workbook: according to the child's abilities training of skill like cutitng out, colouring, etc is possible. Decreasing degrees of tactile contrast enable th child to learn about two dimensional representation. It can be copied with a thermo copier to get tactile pictures.

The Computer games (PC compatible) use the same basic stories. With the computer children can dress Lilly & Gogo™, play ball games, which trains scanning techniques and reaction and eye-hand coordination.

You can use the program as a diagnostic method for testing the visual field and contrast sensitivity.

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