University of Edinburgh

Target setting in Mobility for Pupils with Visual Impairment

Presented in November 2003

Martin McLaughlin, Mobility Education Specialist, North Lanarkshire Council Education Department

What is mobility education?

A vital part of the school curriculum which teaches VI children a range of orientation and mobility skills and concepts.

The skills learned will increase the child’s level of safety, confidence and independence when moving around in different environments.

How is mobility education delivered in North Lanarkshire?

  • 1 full-time Mobility Education Specialist
  • Pre-school and primary school children (no current mobility provision for secondary schools)
  • Work during school holidays

What skills are learned in mobility education?

  • Body imagery
  • Orientation skills
  • Sighted guiding skills
  • Pre-cane skills
  • Cane skills
  • Indoor mobility skills
  • Outdoor mobility skills
  • Independent living skills

Referral/Reporting procedures

  • Referral made from VI specialist teacher
  • Permission obtained from parents
  • Mobility assessment completed
  • Mobility action plan drawn up
  • Individual educational plan IEP completed
  • Progress report completed after each mobility lesson
  • Annual report drawn up

Mobility action plan (simple)

  • Name of pupil
  • Date of birth
  • School attended
  • Session

Child A’s mobility education programme will cover the following skills areas:

1. Road-crossing skills
Child A will learn how to find a safe place to cross and will safely and independently cross a number of quiet and busier roads throughout Motherwell. She will also learn how to safely use pedestrian crossings, including those with facilities for persons with visual impairments.

2. Independent shopping skills
Child A will learn the safest walking route to the llcal shop where whe will independently locate and pay for some groceris. This will incorporate a range of oientation, mobility and social skills and will also allow her to practice her money-handling skills.

She will then progress to working in Asda supermarket, Motherwell, where she will learn to walk to the Customer Services desk and ask for a member of staff to assist her with her shopping.

3. Using public transport

Teach child A how to safely and independently travel a local bus route in Motherwell.


Training will be on-going and initially lessons will occur fortnightly.

IEP (Sample)