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Vision Assessment of Children and Young People at a Developmentally Early Stage

Thursday, 6th June, 2002

Jan Björkman, Ingeborg Stenström, Göran Cedermark

Swedish Institute for Special Needs Education

Resource Centre Vision: örebro - Ekeskolan; Stockholm - Tomteboda

Resource Centre Vision is a national resource centre within the Swedish Institute for Special Needs Education. The two units of the centre are located in Stockholm and örebro

The Resource Centre offers assessment for children and young people with visual impairment as well as children and young people who have VI together with other functional impairments.

The Resource Centre also offers training for special needs education as well as information to and education and training of teachers and other staff; including parents.

Resource Centre Vision in örebro has a school section where it is possible to arrange training visits and temporary residence visits. For the pupils who stay at the Resource Centre for short or long-term visits, there is well-integrated pupil welfare and accommodation which forms a part of the entire teaching environment. For the students' developmet, leisure activities at the Resource Centre are of great importance.

Our philosophy

Resource Centre Vision - an additional special teaching resource for local authorities, county councils and other interested parties, with the objective of providing children, young people and adults with a visual impairment, as well as those with VI and an additional functional impairment, with a comprehensive development.


Studies of children and young people take place either at teh Resource Centre in Stockholm and örebro or in other parts of the country. Early intervention with the emphasis on general development and development in communication are given priority.

Training visits

Training visits can be carried out individually or in groups. The visit is planned and carried out as support for special educational needs based on specific questions. For accompanying staff, the visit provides the opportunity for developing competence.

Temporary residence

For a pupil with a visual impairment and an additional functional impairment, it is possible to complete part of the schooling at the Resource Centre Vision in örebro. Temporary residency then becomes part of the pupil's school attendnce programme run by the local authority. Temporary residence is planned and carried out in close cooperation with the pupil's parents, the pupil's local authority and the Resource Centre.

Development of competence

The Resource Centre offers a selction of activities for improving competence, amongst which is a fixed course programme but also in the form of individually designed local/regional activities. Staff from the Resource Centre also take part in training programmes, which are arranged by others, eg; the teacher training colleges.

Information - consultation

Information and guidance/consultation forms an important complement to the other activities, which are carried out within the framework of the Resource Centre. The target group for information and consultation is the individual family, the local authority staff involved and other interested parties within, for example, the county council.


Within Resource Centre Vision experience ahd research based special needs teaching development work is pursued. The Resource Centre also participates in international cooperation in the area of visual impairment. Attitudes within special needs teaching, communication and reading media are particularly important areas of development.

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