University of Edinburgh

Introducing children to Low Vision Aids

Thursday 19 April


Low vision aids (LVAs) are relatively cheap and uncomplicated to use so why, according to Meriel Cross, an orthoptist in Derbyshire Children's Hospital, do some children think that LVA stands for 'Loathsome Vision Aids', that are often Lost, Vandalised or Absent!

This one-day course introduced a range of visual aids available at the low-tech end of the spectrum. Participants were given to discuss the following issues, which they often have to consider when working with young visually impaired learners.

  • When should they be introduced?
  • What strategies should we use?
  • What if the child refuses to use one?

Presenters: Janis Sugden, SSC
Mary Dallas, RNIB


10.20 am Introduction