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Introducing children to Low Vision Aids

Thursday 19 April 2007

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How will you use what you have learned today?

Help with supporting peripatetic pupils.
Try out a couple of different magnifiers with a child.
Awareness for future reference of the different types of LVAs available. Awareness of issues surrounding LVA use.
INSET to schools.
Inform support staff at school and implement the use of LVA across the curriculum.
Using LVAs gave me an indication of how difficult it can be for VI pupils.
Try to obtain pack and read up on it.
To inform class teachers, visual impairment awareness.
Probably in raising awareness amongst classroom teachers with regard to level of hard work and concentration of VI pupils.
I shall feed back to co-workers, and hopefully use information to develop and co-ordinate services.
Feedback to staff who are directly involved with pupils requiring LVAs as well as using directly myself. Use ideas for in-service with mainstream staff. Make contact with local optometrist - research progress of eye care review in Shetland.
Be more patient and tolerant when pupil is using LVAs, not to rush them in work. Much more aware of how stressful activities are.
Be more patient with pupils re motivation.
In the work environment and essay.
More research needed for my development and experimentation.
Raised knowledge of LVAs; will know the options better; will chase up opticians able to prescribe LVAs in my area.
More aware of types of LVA which are available and most appropriate way to use them.
Awareness of the visual fatigue suffered by children with LVAs.
To improve the help I can give my VI pupils with their LVAs.

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What was best about the course/event?

Introduction to different kinds of LVAs.
Introducing children to LVAs.  Sheet - about training children in the use of LVAs (2).
Activities (practical) in using LVAs (11).
Using the equipment and experiment with different goggles.
It’s always interesting meeting other professionals working with visually impaired pupils.
Practical work, good, please keep it.
Relevance to current need and fact our team have had less experience in the Low Vision Aids.
Trying out different types of magnifiers and personally evaluating them.
Getting opportunity to use equipment.
Networking opportunity. Chance to hear about LVAs and get ‘hands on’ experience.
Being able to see and use such a variety of LVAs.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Perhaps more condensing of time during the day.
Would have been good to have Heather Mason (?) talk about her research.
Not having prescribed activities when using LVAs or not so many.
A handout for the morning session - went too fast to take notes.
Hands on session quite long.
Practical session - perhaps given certain time to do each section.

Any other comments regarding the course?

Quicker pace.
We have most of the magnifiers at work, but it is good to take the time to look at them but I would rather concentrate on how to train a child in using them as everyone says how important this is to do yet don’t teach us how to do it.
Very worthwhile.
Good idea to make it more practical. Attended last year and find this more useful.
Just a thought, but the morning session might be better in the afternoon and vice versa.
Would have preferred not to have set activities - just time to use LVAs; would have preferred to watch video and make own notes - not have to complete sheet; would have been better to have done assessment module first?
Earlier start?
Excellent opportunity.

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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

In-depth courses on the assessment of VI, eg, just on testing visual acuity, or just on testing distance vision, or just on testing field of vision - these could also discuss issues surrounding each test.
Resources in class - what resources, games, IT, etc could teaching staff use - age appropriate?
Happy with what is provided.

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