University of Edinburgh

Physical Education for Children and Young People with Visual Impairment

Presented on Thursday 3 March 2011


This looked at the development of movement skills in children and young people with visual impairment and the role movement plays in learning. Vision is the primary sense in the development of movement skills in sighted children from a very young age. The aim was to look at how movement can be developed in the absence of visual stimulation at the pre-school stage. The importance of developing good body and spatial awareness and the effect this has on learning not just physical skills but in all learning experiences is very important.. We looked at what body and spatial awareness is and how it can be developed.

This was a practical based session allowing participants to experience a variety of different physical skills using simulation glasses and eyeshades. There was an opportunity to discuss suitable activities for children and young people with visual impairment and how activities can be adapted to make them more accessible.

Target Audience: Teachers, parents, carers and other professionals who are involved with young children with visual impairments.

Presenter: Anne Marie Fleming, The Royal Blind School, Edinburgh.


    10.20 am Introduction, Janis Sugden

    11 am Early Years Movement Development in Children with VI, Anne Marie Fleming

    11.30 am Practical Session - Body and Spatial Awareness

    1.30 pm Physical Education for Young People with VI

    2.30 pm Practical Session – Playground games, guide running, basic skills and activity adaptations

    3 pm Questions and Discussion

  • 3.40 pm Course Evaluation and close