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Physical Education for Children and Young People with Visual Impairment

Presented on Thursday 3 March 2011

Course evaluation summary

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How will you use what you have learned today?
I will implement some ideas into classes and adapt other activities.
To help integrate VI pupil into mainstream class in a safe and fulfilling way.
At placements where I am teaching Physical Education (PE). Will also take it into consideration to my class at university.
Consider carefully my use of language to give meaningful directions. Recognise what is learned/absorbed in very basic actions.
Apply it to my work.
Direct tuition of 3 VI kids.
Able to take info and use to integrate pupils with VI; help with standard grade.
Future PE classes.

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Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?
Advice/ideas: how to develop skills; how to give pupils experience of physical activities.
Physical activity and getting to wear ‘blindfolds’; was good to feel how to use other senses. Also finding out what is out there and how things can be adapted.
Bench/bean bag work. Useful for many. Will use with speech & language unit children.
Practical activities. (2) Beautiful school.
Hands on experience.
Hands on with adapted sports.
Good practical - not too much talking - all related.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?
For me, but not a criticism, more of the practical tips/ideas.
Very uncomfortable seating, although I appreciate there were chairs available to be moved into PE hall.
Could have done with water available.
Perhaps longer?
Maybe have pupils for practical session.

Any other comments regarding the course?
I would have liked more time in relation to integrating within large class situation.
As the course is offered to England it would have been helpful to also link to National Curriculum.
Very good.

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How did you hear about this course?
SSC Courses Brochure. (3)
Co-ordinator/Line Manager. (4)
Colleague. (2)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?
More for VI and complex pupils.
All courses are brilliant - I would personally like to go on more.
Any PE ideas for severe/complex pupils.
When does PE become therapy?

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