University of Edinburgh

Habilitation Awareness

Presented on Monday, 30th April 2018


The day included a brief overview of habilitation, advising on the role of the Habilitation Specialist and how to best support the independence of a child with sight loss within their home, school and local community. The course included these topics:

  • orientation;
  • mobility;
  • daily living skills;
  • habilitation terminology;
  • the registration process;
  • benefit entitlement;
  • environmental audits; and
  • useful aids and equipment.

There was a practical element to the day with a demonstration of pre cane and cane skills and the opportunity to learn sighted guide technique.

Participants said:

"It has made me think more about how much I take my sight for granted."

"Great balance between practical and theory. Great delivery - very clear and well paced."

Target Audience

Teachers of the visually impaired, class teachers, educational psychologists, support staff, occupational therapists and parents/carers.


Roisin Scrimshire, Habilitation Specialist, North Ayrshire


10.10 am Habilitation: Roles and Responsibilities

11.10 am Considering and Adapting the Environment

11.40 am Mobility & Orientation

1.15 pm Practical Session

3.30 pm Questions and Evaluation