University of Edinburgh

Habilitation Awareness

Date: Monday, 30th April 2018 - New date
Time: 10 am - 4 pm
Venue: SSC, Edinburgh
Cost: £110

NOTE - closing date for course is 9th April 2018


The day will include a brief overview of habilitation, advising on the role of the Habilitation Specialist and how to best support the independence of a child with sight loss within their home, school and local community. The course will cover topics such as:

  • orientation;
  • mobility;
  • daily living skills;
  • habilitation terminology;
  • the registration process;
  • benefit entitlement;
  • environmental audits; and
  • useful aids and equipment.

There will also be a practical element to the day with a demonstration of pre cane and cane skills and the opportunity to learn sighted guide technique. Please come suitably dressed as part of the teaching will take place outdoors, weather permitting.

Target Audience

Teachers of the visually impaired, class teachers, educational psychologists, support staff, occupational therapists and parents/carers.


Roisin Scrimshire, Habilitation Specialist, North Ayrshire