University of Edinburgh

Developing Children's Visual Skills: Movement and Learning

Held on Friday 24 August 2007


Effective and safe activities to help children control their eye movements from Brendan O'Hara. He is an accomplished and inspirational international Lecturer and presenter of kinaesiology and education consultant. His programmes consider the whole child and are active and enlightening for all participants.

Since his training in the 80s, he has been running clinics for children and adults which incorporate kinaesiology and related modalities. The focus of his training is on primitive and postural reflexes and righting them by using the programmes he has devised. He regularly works within the educational system teaching teachers these methods.

Some Questions:

  • What are these reflexes?
  • What is their significance?
  • Do the reflexes affect the early development of binocular vision?
  • Do they affect hand/eye and body/eye co-ordination?
  • Do they influence the child's ability to control their eyemovements, to track smoothly etc?
  • Can they affect reading, writing etc?
  • Do they affect the child's perceptual and spatial development?

This series of safe and simple movements can enhance the communication between the different parts of the brain. This can lead to improvement in learning and physical activity. These activities are designed to assist the children’s physical and mental development, initiated by the Primitive and Postural Reflexes.

This workshop looked specifically at some of the development of eye movement control, binocular vision and hand-eye co-ordination and give participants a range of activities which can be very effective in helping the children in a variety of ways.
Brendan’s workshops are a skilled mixture of active participation in practical techniques together with theoretical information.

''That was the best training I have ever been to'' feedback from last year’s