University of Edinburgh

 VI Awareness Raising: Support for Learning Assistants

Presented on Thursday, 28th August 2014


This course involved practical activities aimed at raising awareness of what particular visual impairments are like; how vision develops as well as common eye conditions. Other practical strategies were provided in relation to adapting diagrams, pictures and print materials to enable the child to access these materials and resources in the classroom. The participants were able to experiment with different visual aids, and felt they would use the information and ideas to support their visually impaired pupils as well as feed back to other staff members on how a visual impairment can affect a pupil's ability to access the curriculum fully.

"I will be able to use what I have learned today in my everyday practice with the child."

"I enjoyed learning about all of the different adaptions that can be put in place for visually impaired pupils."


Target Audience

Primarily suitable for classroom assistants with little or no knowledge of visual impairment.


Janis Sugden, SSC Co-ordinator & Lecturer in Visual Impairment


10.30 am - Practical Activities wearing sleep shades to promote discussion regarding the implications of sight loss in children and young people

11.15 am - How vision develops in typical children

11.45 am - Common eye conditions that may occur in children and young people

1.30 pm - Practical strategies for accessing print materials and resources

2.30 pm - Adapting diagrams, pictures and other sources of information

3.15 pm - Discussion: The role of a Support Assistant

3.30pm - Course Evaluation and close