University of Edinburgh

International Symposium on Physical Activity and Individuals with Visual Impairments or Deafblindness

Programme of Symposium held on 9th-12th May 2019

Thursday, 9th May 2019

  • 3 pm Registration
  • 3.30 pm - 5 pm Pre-conference Session
    Teaching Self-Advocacy Related to Sports and Recreation for All (Ruth Childs)
    This was a participatory workshop. Attendees learned techniques for teaching self-advocacy - preparation, script writing, rehearsal, and performance. It concluded with a discussion.
  • 6 pm - 10 pm Evening reception hosted by Prof John Ravenscroft
    • Introduction to key themes Presentation by Pamela Haibach-Beach

Friday, 10th May 2019

Saturday, 11th May 2019

Sunday, 12th May 2019

  • 9.15 am Sessions: Research (17-19) and Practical (H)
    • 17. The Social Emotional Impact of Play: Retrospective accounts of adults who have been legally blind since childhood (Janice Moran)
    • 18. Assessment of Motor Development in Children with Visual Impairments (Martin Giese)
    • 19. Balance Interventions with Older Adults with Visual Impairments (Pam Haibach-Beach)
    • H. Mobility Instruction through Physical Education Class (Paula Conroy)
      The Running Line (Victor Jeganathan)
  • 11 am Closing address: Access - Participation - Achievement with Professor John Ravenscroft

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