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Play and Communication with Pupils with Visual Impairment and Additional Support Needs

Presented on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 December

Evaluation summary day 2

Number of Participants: 22 
Number of Respondents: 19

Overall Assessment:  

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

Will allow other members of staff to look through pack and advise them on what I have learnt.
Added to yesterday's information - inform and encourage parent participation. Also encourage professionals to investigate.
I am going to try to use video observation to learn more about the pupil that I work with. I am going to adapt Lilli Nielsen's Big Little Room to suit the pupils I work with who have very restricted movement.
I can pass on information to other members of staff working with visually impaired pupils.
To enhance work with VI pupils.
Will be looking at the types of play the children are using and look at their learning environment.
Putting new knowledge into practice in activity sessions.
Pass on suggestions to staff in schools with severe and complex needs. Will try own 'small room' with baby who has home visits.
Makes me reflect about my own practice and perhaps more video evidence while working.
Use video analysis to observe children.
To improve opportunities for play, using different spaces or positions to find preferred ways to play. Use of video observations. To push for morning circle/conversations using music, tactiles.  Passing of information offering time and opportunity for service users to communicate.
Having more fun! Creating alternative spaces for play. More toys for all!
This has been a great refresher for me. I will go back with renewed enthusiasm.
Very informative. Brilliant video clips.
As before. Also, I'll pass on a lot of the information to the speech and language therapist I work with.
It is all very relevant to the work I am doing.

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Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

All very interesting and informative.
Again, use of video to observe children.
Watching the video. Observations to compare and contrast my own practice.
I enjoyed the videos. It was great to see things which had been discussed, put into practice.
Videos. Workshop groups. Interactions with other professionals.
Video clips - Watching others work with different children's needs.
Relevant information. The fact it makes you reflect on and improve your own practice.
Again, the videos which illustrated so well the points being made.
Information presented and ability to network.
Opportunity to discuss and share specific situations with people in similar situations.
Very relevant to my work practice with children with communication difficulties, some of whom are visually impaired.
Getting new ideas. Giving me inspiration and new goals. Knowing the right way forward.
Shared experiences. Interesting to hear academic (quoted) opinions to refer to in future. Interesting videos.
Seeing the children, and feeling free to ask/discuss issues with the course leaders and participants.
Group discussions. Being aware of not over-stimulating child.
The practical examples. Very good speakers. Meeting other people.
The discussions and videos. Very interesting and great to see good practice.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Photocopies of signing if possible.
Perhaps more advice on how to work with children with restricted mobility. One class which I visit has all the children in wheelchairs - 5 of them. 4 of whom have VI.
Maybe seeing more time-spaced videos - that is, seeing 'progress' (change/development) over time periods, and how sometimes diversion can go wrong. Instances of trial and error.
More time. Longer course. Lots more to learn.
Enjoyed it all.

Any other comments regarding the course?

A welcoming, open atmosphere. Excellent handouts and resources were provided.
Excellent - time flew past.
As I said yesterday, a well balanced course with a variety of activities and an opportunity to learn from other people's expertise.
Presenters were very knowledgeable and shared this well with the group.
I wish we could get more.

Location and Venue

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Convenience of venue


Quality of venue


Parking was an issue.
Poor parking.

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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Communication - signing objects of reference.
I think the programme is excellent and comprehensive.
Looking for any courses relevant to VI and multiple disabilities.

Outcomes Assessment

If you are a teacher, how would you rate this course in relation to the following "Chartered Teacher Standard" components:

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your professional values and personal commitment


your professional knowledge and understanding


your professional and personal attributes