University of Edinburgh

Play and Communication with Pupils with Visual Impairment and Additional Support Needs

Presented on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 December

Creating a Responsive Environment

How do we do this?

Creating a 'reactive' environment

It should:

  • Be respectful and attentive
  • Be responsive
  • Be interactive and mutual rather than directive
  • Include opportunities for choice
  • Include opportunities for turn taking
  • Create a need for communication
  • Be relevant
  • Allow for sensory impairments
  • Be fun
RNIB Partners in Learning course

The learning environment
Structuring the environment

  • Routine
  • Physical surroundings / simplicity
  • Making sense of sound
  • Making sense of objects

The social environment

  • Interactive partners
  • Group work
  • Creating a need to communicate
  • Behavioural needs

Giving significance to the environment

  • Context / relevance
  • Repetition / familiarity
  • Experiential signifiers
  • Pace / time