University of Edinburgh

Early Support Developmental Journal for Babies and Children with Visual Impairment

held on Friday 7 December 2007


This material was designed for families with a young child with visual impairment and for the professionals who work with them. It enables parents to track their child's development, helping them to record and celebrate progress through the early years. The Journal supports partnership working between families and professionals by providing a shared basis for discussion and a common framework of reference when many different people are in contact with a child and family. It supports effective early intervention by improving everyone's understanding of the developmental processes involved.  For more details see:

This course will introduce the publication, look at the theory behind it, explain why it was developed and suggest practical ways to use it. 

Presenters: Naomi Dale, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital
Alison Salt, Consultant Paediatrician, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
John Ravenscroft, Co-ordinator, SSC and Manager, VI Scotland
Janis Sugden, SSC


10.20 am Introduction John Ravenscroft

10.30 am Introduction to the principles of early support: the Early Support programme. Case for early intervention for children with visual impairment
Parents' needs - Alison Salt

11.30 am Vulnerable areas and promoting development: introducing the Developmental materials of the Developmental Journal - Naomi Dale

12.30 pm Promoting visual development and use of vision: introducing the Visual materials of the Developmental Journal - Alison Salt

2 pm Working with parents and service organisation: implementing use of the Journal - Naomi Dale

3 pm Introduction into Scotland - Janis Sugden

3.45 pm Course evaluation and close