University of Edinburgh

Impairment of vision due to damage to the brain in children

Presented on Tuesday 16 December 2008


The Glasgow Team
Scotland, UK

Children with cerebral visual impairment include:

  • Those with profound visual impairment
  • Those with and without cerebral palsy
  • Those with poor acuities +/- visual field impairment
  • Those with poor acuities +/- visual field impairment and perceptual problems
  • Those with perceptual problems only

Visual Impairment Due to Damage to the Brain

  • Has a wide range of different features, which can vary in degree
  • Ideally for every child, each feature needs to be identified
  • the difficulties caused by these features need to be worked out
  • ways of dealing with the problems need to be devised.

Aims of the workshop – to ask

  • What are the features of impaired vision in each child?
  • How can each feature be identified?
  • How are the problems caused by each feature recognised?
  • What are (some of) the ways of dealing with the problems?

But first:

  • How does the brain see?
  • How and what does the brain see if it has developed differently?

Remember: we need to recognise that all children know that their vision is normal to them