University of Edinburgh

Play and Communication for Children with Visual Impairment and Additional Support Needs

Presented on Monday & Tuesday 1 & 2 December 2008

Course evaluation summary Day 1

Number of Participants: 11
Number of Respondents: 11

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

To develop 'hands on' signing in a school for additional support needs with Visual Impairment.
To help me understand young people whom I work with and through identifying future learning needs.
Start on body signing with Cerebral Palsy one year old.
To help to train staff from a specific school to begin to use Canaan Barrie on body signs.
To inform my daily practice of working with the children in my group who have visual impairment.
I will introduce Canaan Barrie signs in class.
Information will be transferred to classroom and used on a daily basis.
A heightened sense of how important observation is and how I need to be aware of a change in tact. (that is, Not so directive but let the child lead).
It will help with the day-to-day care of our foster child.
To communicate better with the child in my care.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Knowledge presenter had of her subject. Video evidence. Small group.
The 'hands on' communicating styles and sharing experiences with others.
On body signing.
Learning the different techniques of the on body signs. Video footage.
Seeing examples of children using the techniques described on the course.
The video examples.
Relevance to my current teaching position.
Small group interaction.
Practical element of practising signing (Canaan Barrie) - I learn best by doing. The video elements as they enhance the input/discussion material.
Lots of video footage as evidence.
Video demonstrations.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

More workshop style presentation and learning opportunities.
Technological problems! - Happens to everybody.
Video technology.

Any other comments regarding the course?

Workshop on signing useful for practice and for cascading because of role play.
Enjoyable and informative.
An extremely valuable and worthwhile experience.
Excellent tutor.

Location and Venue

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How did you hear about this course?

SSC Flyer. (3)
Headteacher/Team Leader/VI Specialist/Sensory Teacher. (7)
No response. (1)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Additional Needs with VI.
Anything on transitions - teenage emotional and behavioural support.
Anything on Cerebral Palsy in children.

Outcomes Assessment

If you are a teacher, how would you rate this course in relation to the following "Chartered Teacher Standard" components:

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your professional values and personal commitment


your professional knowledge and understanding


your professional and personal attributes