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The Early Years: Strategies and Resources for working with very young visually impaired children

Presented on Friday 27 February 2009

Course Evaluation Summary

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Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?
This will be useful in my work as a peripatetic teacher - my work involves early years and this was a development need.
Make/find/provide practical resources.
Many of the practical ideas can be used, developed and adapted for my setting and shared with the staff I work with.
I have learned some new things but mainly it has served to remind me and inspire me to go back and actually do and make things for my pre 5 pupils eg; little room and tactile books. I will tap into some organisations I haven’t heard of before.
I will put in into practice when I have a VI pupil - next year.
Possible use of the Developmental Journal - maybe introduce it with other colleagues. Analysis of video.
Share with my work colleagues and use myself back at work.
In role as VI teacher.
I work with young VI children and will use the techniques I have seen today.
The story bags and ideas were very good. The information about "little room" will be useful to use.
Much of what I have learned today will be extremely useful for my work with 3 particular young children. The ideas of the little room/resonance board and stories etc will be great to try out! The information about support available and different agencies was very useful and I'm sure I will refer to it often.
I will introduce the use of everyday objects to my pre 5 and CPVI pupils and ask service to purchase materials to create Treasure Baskets.
'Training' for Class Assistants/Nursery Assistants - some advice even where to seek more specialist help.
To help with day to day care of the child in our care.
I hope now to be able to use and put into practice and continue to support the carers I help and the child who is looked after.

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Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?
Great variety and presentations - practical mobility session really useful.
Practical examples of resources we can make/use.
The practical examples of how we can use resources.
I enjoyed the whole day, but the workshops were particularly good. (2)
Insight into how VI children learn/cope.
Videos of VI children and observation sheet to understand what is happening.
For me the input by RNIB's 'support for families'. The list of websites I'm sure will prove invaluable.
The videos - seeing the children and the techniques in practice.
Enjoyed the encouragement at play workshop. It gave me new ideas, what to look for.
The workshops were great - lots packed in. Would have loved more time to spend on each one! Meeting others and sharing experiences!
List of further contacts/info. Practical look at tactile books and how to make your own “little room” and share this with parents/other staff.
The skill of the presenters.
I enjoyed all three workshops especially Workshop 3.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?
Morning coffee and a chance to chat to others!
I wouldn't mind courses starting at 10 and finishing at 3.30 or 3.45 so that speakers are not quite so rushed.
More time!!
Pacing - run out of time in one workshop.
Needed more time for some of the workshops.

Any other comments regarding the course?
Each workshop could have been a half day in itself - good introduction to each area though.
Clearly well planned. A great deal of work put into planning and organisation of the day.
This was an interesting course with good range of information.
It’s been an informative and enjoyable day. Good to meet and chat with new colleagues. Thank you all very much.
Great lunch.
Gained excellent ideas for making tactile books from Lorna. Learned about resource boards from Mary. Enjoyed refreshing my experience of travelling on foot whilst under sleep shade and discussing mobility issues with Linda.
Practical activity regarding mobility exercise outdoors very useful! Thoroughly stimulating day’s activities - thank you.
Excellent presenters.
I really enjoyed the whole day. The presenters were friendly and informative.

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SSC Courses Brochure (7)
Course Leaflet/Mailshot (5)
Co-ordinator/Line Manager (3)
Other (1)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?
Developmental Journal.
Working with children with VI within a mainstream setting - providing for their needs alongside the needs of others.
Providing for children with VI alongside children with other developmental delays in a setting which deals with mainstream children and those with other special needs.
Social skills for VI children of all ages but especially in nursery.
Ask me again next year when I’ve experienced a VI pupil.
Am looking forward to hearing about training for the use of the development journal.

Outcomes Assessment

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