University of Edinburgh

Sharing Practice - Supporting blind children & babies (0-5) & their families

Presented on Thursday, 26th February, 2015


This course explored how four specialist VI teachers support blind children and babies (0-5) and their families. It included supporting babies and children with complex needs and visual impairment. The course looked at:

  • Working with parents and babies in the early stages.
  • Strategies to encourage visual development.
  • Play and communication.
  • Inclusion in the mainstream nursery.
  • Assessment.

The participants will have gained helpful interventions, strategies, resources and ideas to inform and improve their practice, for example, practical examples of passports, parent pack and observation sheets. The impact of this course will be improved support, inclusion and resources for babies, children and their families.

"It will inform my everyday practice. I got a lot of ideas I will definitely try out. I feel reassured that what I do seems to be good practice. I can also improve it by linking more closely with preschool home visiting teachers and think of creating passports for children going to nursery."

"Put strategies into practise in the nursery, as this is my first time working with a child with visual impairment."

Target Audience

Those supporting and caring for babies and young children who have a visual impairment, including teachers, early years practitioners, early years workers, habilitation specialists, allied health professionals and parents.


Jordan Black (Early Years Peripatetic VI Teacher, South Lanarkshire)
Louise Laing (Peripatetic VI Teacher, Dundee City)
Lynn Lymer (Peripatetic VI Teacher, Edinburgh City)
Carolyn Thornton (VI Teacher)


10.15am Working with parents and babies in the Early Stages (Louise Laing)

11.15am Play and Communication (Carolyn Thornton)

1.00pm Supporting children and their families (Lynn Lymer)

2.00pm Inclusion in the Mainstream Nursery (Jordan Black)

3.10pm Sharing Practice session

3.50pm Course Evaluation and close