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SSC Course 14: Masterclass: The sensory curriculum for very special learners past, present and future

Presented on Tuesday, 13th February 2018.

Courses evaluation summary

Number of Participants: 56
Number of Respondents: 52

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following: Poor = 1; Excellent = 5

Enhancement to your expertise



Content and supplementary material



Will you do anything differently as a result of today's training?

Look more at children’s senses and using them through learning.
Will review our current practice with staff who attended today.
Not be so concerned about "age appropriate" and focus on "person appropriate" activities.
Give myself the confidence I need to know I/we are doing the right things, despite what 'others' might think. Also, push for a trial of Eye Gaze, something I've been pushing for over a year.
Revisit Flo's books. Create more sensory activities/approaches integrated in curricular activities.
As I coordinate meetings for birth to three years old with additional support needs, I could suggest to parents to explore children's senses more and toys for parents to use.
Yes! Definitely use some of the resources that were demonstrated. Speak to management about resources and planning.
Ensure I take the time to observe pupils.
Incorporate more sensory activities during the day and with all children.
Share with colleagues and develop a plan for pupils using the content.
More sensory equipment in class and homemade sensory toys/poems.
Incorporate even more sensory activities into daily class routine.
Observe pupils. Implement sensory elements throughout day to help develop sensory/working memories and not just have it as timetabled activity.
Look at developing more sensory materials.
Continue to try to make lessons as stimulating and motivating as possible.
More focus on stimulating brain at start of day. Focussed finish to the day as a group.
Gave a new/fresh look at things we do in school. Shows we are doing some things well, but how to expand/add to what we do.
Feed into school discussions of changes to profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) curriculum. Create new sensory resources.
Lots of fab resource ideas.
Incorporate sensory activities more frequently.
Child centred approach, less formal, more sensory.
Today will enhance and improve my practice - not drastically change it.
Lots of practical ideas to try out in class.
Sensory poetry pockets.
Develop sensory input throughout the school day.
Support provision with embedding today's learning - has extended my knowledge.
Sensory knowledge to improve activities.
Re-look at how I can fit more sensory options in class/day.
Yes, lots! Lots of ideas to take back to school.
Think more about presenting experiences in a really sensory way to engage the children.
Use ideas in learning and teaching.
Redesign activities to have person appropriate approach.
Very helpful and will use everything to support pupils and staff moving forward.
Carefully consider the purpose of sensory materials used, how to make them more enticing and possible next steps!
So many new ideas to go back to school with, I can see lots of things that will be done differently in my school.
Introduce some of the ideas with some pupils.
Warm up (waking up senses) in the morning during circle time.
Re-evaluate some approaches.
I'm going back to order lots of gloves and mirrors. Fantastic practical ideas.
Sensology workout considered for daily activity.
No, but what I do, I will now do in more depth.
Can effectively support a pupil within my class who needs a sensory part of school day.
I will be much more aware of developing my sessions with my children to stimulate their senses. During the day children's names popped into my head, thinking of new approaches. Lovely!
Attempt to make some of the resources. Interesting and original ideas. Use knowledge to improve practice in class.
Yes! Plenty! Can't wait to share with the rest of the team.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation



Pacing of course/event




What was best about the course/event?

Interactive. Using personal experiences/short videos to help with points given.
All our teachers attended today, so more likely to be able to implement ideas. Chance to network.
The passion of the presenter. The materials.
Meeting other VS teachers and sharing expertise.
It just makes 'sense'! Confirming what we already do and provided me with more ideas to try!
All of it! Best course ever. (3)
Very practical. Thank you!
Sharing of expertise and understanding of how senses are used and affected.
Sensory material ideas. Case studies.
Flo is inspirational to listen to, full of great stories adding to the interest of the day.
The relaxed but highly informative delivery.
Practical advice, very inspirational.
Flo's experience, enthusiasm and ideas. Video extracts.
Flo, the presenter! Her stories, experiences and ideas were fascinating and insightful.
A comprehensive overview of learning and development.
Humour and understanding of working in a severe and complex setting.
Lots of ideas and useful information.
Stories - real life situational stories about children in real context.
Inspiring stories, ideas.
Real life examples of various children.
Materials, ideas, experiences.
Ideas and stories to help with everyday situations.
All the ideas shared, facts shared.
Listening to someone with lots of experience and great ideas.
Knowledge of presenter. Real life stories/experiences. Signposts to other services/information. Great to meet other people working in the field.
Ideas and presenter.
Relaxed atmosphere with personal input.
Sharing Flo's experience, concrete examples of practice, sharing resource sources.
It was interesting and easy to listen to. Some interesting resources too!
Flo was thoroughly engaging during her whole presentation. Her varied methods of presentation and wonderful stories were superb. (7)
Variety of listening, sharing ideas with a partner, video clips, resources to look at.
Sharing experience, resources, ideas.
Information, clear presentation. So useful.
Speaker's breadth of experience. Opportunity to look at resources.
Real life stories.
The quiet, non-assuming and so skilled personality of Flo Longhorn.
Examples of resources.
Flo delivered in such an interesting and memorable way, which has given me so many ideas to try.
Range of ideas and information relevant to PMLD.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Opportunities to investigate resources/materials and discuss how to apply in different situations.
More info about practical activities.
Location. Long journey impacts on attention. (2)
Could have listened to Flo longer.
More time to cover it all.
Chance to explore some of the equipment.
Could have heard more.
More time for questions.
How to fit it to planning/curriculum, all the ideas.
Would have been great over two days! (7)

How did you hear about this course?

Course Info Email from SSC: 13
Co-ordinator/Line Manager: 20
SSC eBulletin: 1
Colleague: 11
SSC Website: 2
Other (please state): 3 (Depute Head Teacher, Elizabeth McCann, School)
No response: 2

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Further work on senses - using these in the curriculum.
More Flo Longhorn courses.
Sensory stories. Story massage. Tacpac.
Sensory story telling.
More courses with similar high quality content.
Something specific to teaching numeracy.
Any other similar, high quality and content, relevant courses!
More meet-ups with colleagues from other councils, etc.
Sensory stories, objects of reference.
More like this. Practical opportunities. Opportunities like this where you can interact with resources.
Further courses after school, if possible.