University of Edinburgh

Teaching Braille to Pupils in Mainstream Classrooms

Presented on Tuesday 13 January 2009


This course covered Braille/print decision making for a child who has experienced sight loss. Carrying out a Learning Media Assessment. Introduction of Braille to a child who has previously learnt print: A consideration of what makes Braille successful for these children and a discussion of some of the practical issues involved such as timetabling/workload.

Target Audience: teachers, additional support assistants and parents who work with children who are visually impaired.

Presenters: Janis Sugden, Co-ordinator, Scottish Sensory Centre/University of Edinburgh
Louise France, QTVI, Chartered Teacher Sensory Support Service, Glasgow
Patricia Fraser, International Sales Manager, Quantum Technology, Northampton
Adrienne Speirits , QTVI, Sensory Support Service, Glasgow


10.20 am Introduction, Janis Sugden