University of Edinburgh

Transition: approaches for children and young people with visual impairments

Presented on Tuesday 19 January 2010

Primary to Secondary Transition Timetable

Vicki Logan, Scottish Borders Visual Impairment Education Service

Timetable for Implementation of the Project Approach in Eyemouth High School

Eyemouth Primary School Eyemouth High School Winter. Meet with LS Staff - present the Term rationale of the approach.

2005. Book two in-service sessions for this session and the next Spring. Review for pupil. Meet with depute rectors regarding;

  • Term presentation of the approach in-service training; implementation 2006 and the timetable for of curricular support using the implementation. school's intranet
  • Purchase wireless laptop
  • Meet local network admin regarding this timetable
  • Key staff from Eyemouth HS to visit Hawick HS Summer
  • Evaluate any new developments Term with regard to OCR. Purchase and 2006 add to schools system for Electronic Document service.
  • Arrange staffing for this service
  • Commission documentation for training staff.
  • Liaison with Social Worker for VI regarding signage and environmental adaptations at Eyemouth HS


Training for P7 teacher and In-service session;

  • VI Awareness, Term ANA in use of assistive forms of support, use of Intranet

2006 technology and the intranet;

  • RNffi Training to start for ANAs School's shared area
  • Electronic document service starts with training for admin assistant
  • ANA from EHS to start one lesson per week at Eyemouth PS.


Purchase necessary assistive technology for start of

2007 Feeder Primaries, VI Team Awareness sessions- CCTV to be added to the laptop for VI pupil. Orientation visit to Eyemouth HS distance vision at High School.

EHS mathslEnglish teachers visit and teach at EPS Summer . Refresh VI Awareness training for Term Eyemouth HS Staff at Inset session. 2007 . Review the contents of the intranet Autumn . Pupil transfers to High School Term . Review of the support for pupil's 2007 access to the curriculum


Draft - 05/03/2006