University of Edinburgh

Independence through Habilitation

Presented on Friday 27 January 2012


Every child in Scotland is entitled to experience a broad general education. The Curriculum for Excellence explores experiences and outcomes that recognise the importance of the quality and nature of learning experiences in developing attributes and capabilities. The experiences and outcomes apply to the totality of experiences including experiences beyond the classroom. This course considered the importance of independence relating to the young visually impaired child and how the provision of good quality training in mobility and independent living should be considered routinely.

Target Audience: This course is suitable for teachers, classroom assistants and parents who work with young visually impaired children. Those working with children in less formal settings, for example afterschool clubs may also find this course beneficial.

Presenters: Dominic Everett, Education and Family Services Manager, RNIB Scotland; Janis Sugden, Scottish Sensory Centre, Edinburgh