University of Edinburgh

Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Self-Advocacy for Learners with a Visual Impairment

Presented on Friday, 22nd January 2016


This course looked at the possible implications of a visual impairment on emotional wellbeing, and how it can be promoted to improve outcomes for learners. The course also explored self-advocacy and how it can be developed through practical activities. The course programmel included:

  • Examining the existing evidence base surrounding emotional wellbeing and visual impairment and the practical implications for the classroom.
  • Exploring the specific needs presenting in learners with a visual impairment.
  • Understanding the implications of visual impairment for emotional wellbeing.
  • Overview of issues that may result from visual impairment, eg, friendship and family difficulties, dependency, diminished control, grief, anxiety.
  • How to help promote the emotional wellbeing of visually impaired learners.
  • Promoting self-advocacy through scriptwriting.

Case studies, points for practice and questions for reflection were used during the course.

Participants said:

[What was best?] The practical activities. It reminded me how important it is to involve parents. I got some really good ideas about how to help my pupil.

Script writing, information on social and emotional wellbeing was very useful. Interesting presentation and good delivery. Personal anecdotes very useful too.

Target Audience

VI Teachers, Pupil Care and Support Teachers, ASN Assistants, Early Years Practitioners, Educational Psychologists, Habilitation and Rehabilitation Specialists, Social Work Staff, Parents/Carers.


Dr Gail Bailey, Child Psychology Consultant and Educational Psychologist Birmingham City Council. (Author of ‘Emotional Well-being for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. A Guide for Practitioners’.)


10.10 am

  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Enabling Learners with a Visual Impairment
  • Understanding the Implications of Visual Impairment for Emotional Wellbeing

1.15 pm How can we help promote the Emotional Wellbeing of Learners?

2.40 pm Self-Advocacy through scriptwriting

3.50 pm Course Evaluation and close