University of Edinburgh

Exploring the Role of Creativity in VI Education

Presented on 12 June 2009


The course provided insight and support for professionals who wish to incorporate an element of creativity into their approach to the education of visually impaired pupils. Firstly, an overview was presented of existing research into creativity and visual impairment. The findings yielded by this research were then mapped onto criteria outlined in the Curriculum for Excellence and Scottish Government policies on inclusion and Additional Support for Learning. Some aspects of the everyday experience of visual impairment which might be effectively explored within the context of a creative writing workshop were then reviewed, and a selection of helpful tools and resources. The perspective of individual visually impaired creative writers and workshop facilitators will then be considered and creative writing workshops that have been successfully facilitated in a visual impairment context in the past were examined. This was followed by a workshop where participants were given an opportunity to undertake a variety of creative writing activities. The course culminated in a review of how the learning outcomes of creative workshops might be assessed, and how evidence of their value can be demonstrated and communicated to potential partners and funders.

Presenter: David Feeney, VI Scotland and others