University of Edinburgh

Braille Competency Refresher Course

Presented on Wednesday 15 June 2013


This was a refresher course in Braille, Grade 2, Standard English Braille (SEB). This course would benefit those who learned Braille some years ago and now need to revise their skills. The areas covered included reading and writing literary Grade 2 braille, and basic arithmetic. There was a brief input on Unified English Braille (UEB).

The course was practical with participants working in pairs and/or groups with a Perkins brailler.

Target Audience: Teachers, classroom assistants and parents, etc.

Presenter: Alison Duthie, SSC Braille Competency Course Tutor


1 pm Welcome and Introduction

1.10 pm Introduction to UEB

1.30 pm Practical activities: Participants will work together to read, write and proof-read braille items

2.45 pm Discussion relating to:

  • Literacy braille lay-out
  • elementary mathematical braille
  • braille translation programs

3.30 pm Questions