University of Edinburgh

Access Technology for Children and Young People with Visual Impairment

Tuesday and Wednesday 14 & 15 March 2006


This course is aimed at teachers and support staff who work with children or young people with a visual impairment. Recent legislation states that schools and education authorities have a duty to provide information in accessible formats to pupils with disabilities – this includes the use of specialist technology in the classroom. The course provided a thorough overview of the wide range of technology available, including magnification and screen reading software; braille displays, note takers, video magnifiers; and the latest Daisy digital CD players and recorders. The first day introduced topics such as choosing equipment and assessing a pupil's needs while on the second day there were opportunities to produce information in alternative formats and to practice using keyboard commands to access Windows.

Presenters: Lorraine Froelich, Steller Technology
Jo Fullerton, Lead Technology Officer (Pre-16), RNIB Scotland
Lucy Naismith, HumanWare


  • Day 1 – Introduction to access technology [Word doc]
  • 10.45 Policy and practice: issues affecting technology provision and use in schools

    11.15 Magnification and speech software

    1.00 Choosing technology for VI pupils

    1.30 Video magnifiers, Daisy and braille technology

    2.45 Video magnifiers, Daisy and braille technology

    3.30 Feedback session

    Day 2 – Getting to grips with software

  • 10.30 Using keyboard commands (hands on)
  • 11.00 Using screen readers
  • 1.00 Creating accessible resources (text, braille, Daisy and MP3)

  • 3.45 Evaluation and feedback