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Tuesday and Wednesday 14 & 15 March 2006

JAWS keystrokes – a short list of common commands

To set up a keyboard shortcut for starting up JAWS, go to the desktop (Windows key + D), then type J for JAWS. Then press the star key on the number pad or the Applications key (next to the right control key). This brings up a menu. Press up arrow and you should hear "Properties", if not cursor down until you hear it (it's at the bottom of the menu). You don't want to select "Create shortcut" as this simply copies the icon so that there are two on the desktop. Press enter on "Properties" then press tab until you hear "shortcut key". Then press the key combination you wish to use eg Control + Shift + J. Unless this is already used for another application, it should accept it, and you just press enter to finish. Now, when you switch off JAWS using Insert + F4, you can use Control + Shift + J to restart it quickly.

Please note: the JAWS key is Insert on desktop PC, Caps Lock on laptop PC.

JAWS menu Insert + J
PC Cursor NumPad Plus
JAWS cursor NumPad Minus
Restrict cursor Insert + R
Screen sensitive help: Insert + F1
Keyboard help: Insert + 1 (qwerty)
JAWS help for apps: Insert + F1 pressed twice quickly
HotKey help: Insert + H
Window key help: Insert + W
Increase voice rate: Alt + Ctrl + Page Down
Decrease voice rate: Alt + Ctrl + Page Up
Quick keys toggle Insert + N
Typing Echo toggle  Insert + 2 (qwerty)
Verbosity Insert + V
Interrupt speech (mute) Ctrl
Read character NumPad 5
Next/previous character Left arrow/Right arrow
Read word Ins + NumPad 5
Spell word Insert + NumPad 5 twice
Read line Insert + Up arrow
Previous line/Next line: Up arrow/Down arrow
Read sentence Alt + NumPad 5
Read next/Previous sent Alt + Up arrow/Down arrow
Read paragraph Ctrl + NumPad 5
Read previous/Next para Ctrl + Up arrow/Down arrow
Say All (continuous) Insert + Down arrow

Supernova 6 basic hotkeys

Hotkey Supernova


LS, LC & S

Shut down

LC & Space, Alt, Space & C, or Alt & F4, then enter

Control panel

LC & Space


RS & /

Mag up

LC & NP +

Mag dn

LC & NP -

Mag on/off

LC & NP Enter

Speed up

LC & LS & =

Speed down

LC & LS & -

Volume up

LC & =

Vol down

LC & -



Cycle verbosity

CL & Enter

Doc (document) read

NP + (start/stop)

Line View

LC & NP period

Line view at focus

LC & NP 2

/stop line view


Line view speed

Up/down arrows

Exit line view - last word

NP Enter

Virtual Focus

NP -

Live Focus

NP *
Next Window (to move the virtual cursor ) LC & Tab
Forms mode CL & Enter (tab)
Letter NP 4


NP 5


NP 6

Spell word

NP 5 twice

Phonetic spell word

NP 5 three times


CL & 1


CL & 2, or CL & Delete


CL & 3


CL & 4

1st /Next/Previous edit area

LC & LS & Home/ LC & PgDn / LC & PgUp

Overview on/off LC & backslash
Num Lock – F11