University of Edinburgh

Functional Assessment of Vision

Thursday 8 and Friday 9 March


“Functional Vision Assessment is one of the hallmark features of Vision Services in the education of children who are visually impaired.”
Tanni L Anthony

In this two-day course participants were given the opportunity to:

  • Discuss a range of assessments and procedures, which will help them to choose appropriate materials to use in their own work situation.
  • To develop skills in assessing vision by using a range of assessments. (Hands-on experience of objective and subjective vision tests.)

In Day 1 the focus of the course was on the assessment of functional vision in learners who have no additional difficulties.
In Day 2 the focus was on the assessment of functional vision in learners with additional difficulties or impairments.

Presenters: Day 1: Janis Sugden, SSC;
Dr Jennifer Skillen, Orthoptist, VI Scotland/SSC
Day 2: Alison Duthie, Sensory Support Service, Fife;
Dr Aisla Sinclair, Child Health, Stirling Royal Infirmary;
Christine Stones, Support for Learning Area Network Team, Stirling

Programme: Day 1

10.30 am Functional Assessment: What do we mean? Janis Sugden

11.15 am What do the figures mean? Jennifer Skillen

1.30 pm Practical Workshops, Janis Sugden
Assessments: demonstrations, Jennifer Skillen
Hands on opportunities to carry out a variety of assessments

3 pm Discussion

3.30 pm Course evaluation

Programme: Day 2

10.30 am Functional Assessment for Children with Additional Difficulties, Aisla Sinclair

11.30 am A Case Study, Christine Stones

1.30 pm MDVI Assessment Tools, Alison Duthie

3 pm Discussion

3.30 pm Course evaluation and close