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Functional Assessment of Vision

Friday 9 March

Course evaluation summary

Number of Participants: 39; Number of Respondents: 36

Overall Assessment: 

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

To increase understanding and knowledge of visual impairment issues to help me progress in my role as a visual impairment teacher.
I found the morning session very interesting but really found the demonstration of the tools by Alison something that could be used by me daily in my work.
In supporting visually impaired children and their parents at home; supporting/liaising with colleagues in Health and Education.
Great ideas for assessing functional vision for MDVI pupils.
Review aspects of collaborative working and team assessment in our service.
Practically - in local functional vision assessment clinic.
To inform practice regarding carrying out assessments.
Feedback to colleagues; look at more interdisciplinary assessment; take back equipment ideas.
I will be better equipped to assess the vision of MDVI pupils.
Will nag my authority to set up a formal assessment group; some great ideas for assessment tools - simple and cheap.
Lots of great ideas for me to hear. We are just starting a visual assessment team in our new school and these ideas will be invaluable.
Look to work in this area/involvement - very useful indeed; very good session.
Clarified ideas about functional assessment; has given me the confidence to continue adapting/creating different assessments.
Pass on tools awareness and practical advice to colleagues (2).
To consider our emerging service needs and equipment needs more knowledgeably; to use in assessments.
Practical ideas to take back to workplace.
It will inform my practice when working with visually impaired pupils in mainstream classes. It will be very useful in interpreting information presented in reports.
To use alongside what already do.
To help with assignment on assessment for visual impairment diploma.
Background and basic awareness raising for my new visual impairment role.
The course has given me knowledge, understanding and skills to apply in my role as a visual impairment teacher.
Especially enjoyed practical afternoon session - different ways to use pieces of kit I already have
In making up new assessments for younger ones.
Classroom practice.
More aware of the range of visual impairment.
Discuss possible joint assessment with visual impairment team colleagues.
Purchase some of the items described and use them as part of the assessment.
Attempt to put into practice what I've learned.
Buy more MDVI materials; put some assessment strategies into action.
A range of ideas, information and suggestions that can be shared with teachers in schools, and pre-school visiting teachers, and also with parents.
Share with staff; use in class; use the information and ideas gained today in new school to carry out FVAs.
Add to knowledge of visual impairment and assessments.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Seeing the tests demonstrated.
The demonstration of tools - good ideas.
All very useful. Both theoretical and practical.
Practical tools for functional assessment.
Practical aspect - seeing other teachers demonstrate what they do.
All today's presentation excellent and highly relevant. ‘Hands-on’ session with equipment very useful.
Listening to a range of experienced practitioners.
Sharing ideas, working practice.
Lots of ideas to try; hearing about practice elsewhere; chance to talk to other practitioners.
Everything - the ideas on the assessment team sharing ideas/information - great. The practical ideas will be of great assistance and have already stimulated ideas - thanks.
Practical/demonstration (3).
Approachability of tutors. Ideas presented in afternoon session.
It was all excellent; perhaps the testing in the afternoon particularly.
Demonstration of tests/resources was excellent.
Opportunity to use assessment tools - practical demonstration of appropriate/correct use.
Seeing how it is done in another areas (2); pm session very interesting and useful.
Two afternoon sessions very informative, excellent ideas and suggestions.
Networking - met two colleagues from Argyll & Bute for first time. Excellent morning talks.
MDVI assessment demonstration was very interesting. Presentation of Dr Sinclair was very informative - a lot of background information was given.
Assessment of MDVI tools. Lots of information and tips provided - great practical session.
MDVI session - very relevant.
Assessment tools - will investigate further.
As well as excellent content - the chance to talk to other professionals with the same issues. Also chance to see a range of assessment materials.
Practical ideas and visual processing knowledge (2).
The presentations today were all excellent (3).
Add to knowledge of visual impairment and assessments.
Very clear simple information on cerebral visual impairment.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Maybe a simple glossary of terms, eg, difference between orthoptist/ophthalmologist/optometrist? and some basic reference point for medical/biological terms.
Enjoyed the course - good meeting others in same field of work.
Maybe group too large - although appreciate the constraints.
Print size on hand-out materials could've been bigger (3). Methods assessing pupils of secondary school age.
More practical, video examples.
Perhaps start at 10am. Video demonstrations of assessments for discussion.
Liked the 10.30am start - removes the pressure re travelling.
More ideas about assessment techniques for MDVI children with fixed position/movement problems/communication problems.

Any other comments regarding the course?

I found it extremely useful to learn a lot about visual impairment in a short space of time.
Excellent course, learnt a lot! Presenters A1.
Excellent course - really practical.
Very useful indeed - thanks to all concerned!
I really enjoyed the course and found it very helpful (3).
Prefer demonstration today than showing equipment, better to show use of equipment/talk of examples in real life cases.
Found today more relevant to my work and really lots of practical/useful advice.
The two days were excellent, however the practical session in Day 1 would have been more beneficial if carried out as Day 2.
Really valuable training for me; lots of pointers on how to proceed in my training.
Felt today was better than yesterday.
Emphasised value of team work for assessment and service.
Lots of practical demonstration - excellent! especially Alison Duthie.
All the speakers were extremely interesting and good at explaining their expertise to laypersons like myself (2).
A really good overview - thorough.

Location and Venue

Convenient location for this course: No Response 8; Yes 24; No 4

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Convenience of venue


Quality of venue


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I would attend in spite of distance!
Convenient location if not driving.
Ling journey but good central location in city.

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

I am just beginning my work with the Sensory Service in Dundee and so any courses that I have been on so far have been very useful and I hope to continue attending any relevant courses available.
Assessment procedures for Contrast Sensitivity; LogMAR.
Perhaps training in how to go about setting up Assessment Teams - not all authorities have these, yet clearly this is an example of ‘best practice’.
Teaching sessions for those looking to come into this field of assessment/involvement. Accessibility to use of equipment in a working environment/practical assessment.
More MDVI relevant courses.
Information for teacher working with MDVI pupils.
Video assessment - online! Twilight 4-6 - Glasgow area.
Repeat this course on an annual basis please for people new to visual impairment field.

Outcomes Assessment

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