University of Edinburgh

Functional Assessment of Vision

Presented 19-20 March 2008


Inter-agency co-operation is essential to ensure that the additional support needs of visually impaired learners are met. Communication, collaboration and sharing of expertise relating to the assessment procedures between everyone involved in this process can help them to effectively contribute to successful teaching strategies.

In this two-day course participants were given the opportunity to discuss a range of assessments and procedures, which will help them to choose appropriate materials to use in their own work situation and develop skills in assessing vision by using a range of assessments. (Hands-on experience of objective and subjective vision tests.)

Day 1 focussed on the assessment of functional vision in learners who have no additional difficulties.
Day 2 focussed on the assessment of functional vision in learners with additional difficulties or impairments.

Presenters: Day 1: Janis Sugden and
Jennifer Skillen
Day 2:
Aisla Sinclair and
Christine Stones, Support for Learning Area Network Team, Stirling

Programme Day 1

10.30 am Functional Assessment: What do we mean? - Janis Sugden

11.15 am What do the figures mean? - Jennifer Skillen

1.30 pm Practical Workshops - Janis Sugden; Jennifer Skillen
Assessments: demonstrations
Hands-on opportunities to carry out a variety of assessments

3.00 pm Discussion

3.30 pm Course evaluation

Programme Day 2

10.30 am Functional Assessment for children with additional difficulties - Aisla Sinclair

11.30 am A Case Study - Christine Stones

1.30 pm MDVI Assessment Tools - Alison Duthie

3.00 pm Discussion

3.30 pm Course evaluation and close