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Physical Education & Sports for Children & Young People with Visual Impairment or Deafblindness: Monday, 14th March 2016 - Day 1

Presented on Monday, 14th March 2016

Courses evaluation summary

Number of Participants: 33
Number of Respondents: 27

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

Loads of ideas for teaching a new VI child. Will go back and use much of the info.
Support 1:1 blind pupil with PE.
I plan to include what I have learned into my PE lessons - learned some fantastic ideas. I plan to share what I have learned with other colleagues in my school.
Feed back to rest of department. Implement some of the teaching strategies into my day to day teaching. Review resources and how best to adapt current equipment more effectively.
It will help when working with pupils in PE who are visually impaired.
Try new/fresh ideas in school.
New and different ideas for lessons.
Lots of good strategies to share with PE staff/classroom teachers.
New ideas to enable children with VI to learn skills.
If I am to work with blind children, I would be using the advice and examples from today. I can use the information with other children also.
New ideas.
In working with children with complex and additional support needs.
To further educate colleagues in NGBS/CSPS/sports on how to modify/adapt support. I will now better understand how to support PE Teachers/QTVIs and have new ideas for projects and programmes.
Share information with fellow work colleagues. Use info, especially practical info, in lessons I will take at school.
Working with and supporting pupils with VI in mainstream PE class and also in individual extra PE, currently being done by a QTVI.
Although don't currently teach VI pupils, what I have learned will prepare me and allow me to deliver an appropriate curriculum for VI pupils. Heightened my awareness and understanding of teaching PE to VI pupils. Thank you.
I haven't got any VI pupils at the moment, but expect to have some in the future. So, with all the knowledge and resources it will be easy to prepare myself to teach pupils with VI.
Apply in school and take it further.
Hoping to put the theory into practice.
Breaking down the skills and equipment used has been very interesting. Assessment in PE very interesting as we do not do things so specifically, i.e. number of press-ups, etc.
Try to use peer teaching with pupils. Use tactile models.
CPD delivery - sharing with primary visiting PE specialists, share with secondary representatives, share video links.
Enhance my teaching strategies and outcomes for CYP VI. Information and resources for peers, staff and parents.
VIT teaching/training staff.
I will use the advice learned to expand physical education awareness in my service.
Link in with Scottish Disability Sport (SDS). Develop in-service for PE teachers/school assistants in authority. Hopefully, with lead PT, Active Schools and SDS.
I will definitely be using what I have learned in my day to day practice.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Real, practical advice.
Adapting equipment - some simple solutions. Step by step teaching guides.
Presenter was very experienced, enthusiastic and inspirational. I'm so grateful to be on this course and hear and learn so much from the presenter.
Practical examples of how to apply in mainstream school. Video clips proved to be useful to emphasise point. Resources and articles made aware of.
The knowledge and experience/expertise of the leader of the course.
New ideas to use; fresh insight; feel I have a better understanding of how I can be a better teacher to VI pupils.
Background knowledge reasoning from presenter. Videos highlighting lessons and examples.
Enthusiasm of presenter and her knowledge was inspiring. Good reading materials and additional resources.
Looking in depth at a specific impairment adaptation. Wish I could have booked on day 2 also. Presenter was fantastic!
The examples and the video.
Increased knowledge of understanding.
The insight into the resources/research that is available. The depth of detail about how to modify and adapt sport.
Lots of info which was useful and also lots of links to info and other agencies.
Learning ways to support the pupils I work with, new techniques to try and a chance to talk to others in similar roles.
The whole course was very informative! The most useful for me was finding out about the ways to modify and adapt PE skills so that VI pupils are included in class and able to learn skills successfully.
Content very useful.
Practical ideas that you can take away and use.
Overall, I thought the course was very informative and provided many ideas.
Very clearly explained about how we can do things better - huge changes are not needed. Expect high attainment from all pupils.
There were some 'gems' of information - adaptations to allow children to experience positive opportunities. Ensuring CPD for teachers/assistants working with VI in PE.
Practical application and resource suggestions. Research and quantitative data.
Simplicity of some of the ideas.
Watching exactly how motor skills could be taught to children with various degrees of visual impairments and deafblind.
Excellent level of PE expertise and VI expertise, all communicated enthusiastically.
Excellent course - excellent speaker!

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Quite fast paced, a lot of information to take in a small amount of time.
No improvements to suggest and no complaints to make!
Nothing specifically about the course, as I thought the content and message was excellent. However the chairs provided were extremely uncomfortable for the length of time we were sitting.
Some of the video/YouTubes were repetitive - large sections were actually repeated, which was disappointing. We had already covered aspects in the presentation and we could have just been given the video link information.
More information about how to use the principles in a mainstream environment.
For me, as a coach, it would have been good to have some practical sessions.
Nothing, has been a really good day.
Better chairs.
Videos could have been sent out beforehand, as they were quite long and repetitive.
Needs to be modified/adapted for the Scottish curriculum. Too focussed on motor skills/performance rather than inclusion within a PE class. How to include pupils in team games, etc.
More time spent on how to include, meaningfully, VI children and young people in mainstream physical education - team games, etc. An understanding of the Scottish Education System (CofE) - not about performance/product - but about the process/improvement.
More focused agenda.
I feel I do not have the experience to comment. I found nothing to be improved.

How did you hear about this course?

SSC Courses Brochure: 1
Course Info Email from SSC: 9
Co-ordinator/Line Manager: 9
SSC eBulletin: 1
Colleague: 2
SSC Website: 2
Other (please state): 1 (VI Forum RNIB), 1 (VI education network), 1 (VI teacher)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Practical course showing how to set up/play games or activities with visually impaired pupils.
Dance for those with sensory impairment.
A practical session on how to include pupils in PE lessons and after school clubs.
Further training to include VI children and young people in mainstream BGE PE. Ideas of strategies for particular visual impairments. Perhaps a practical session.
Access technology training.