University of Edinburgh

Functional Vision Assessment

Presented on Friday 5 May 2006


Functional Vision Assessment carried out by a teacher of the visually impaired (or O&M specialist) should complement the vision report by an ophthalmologist or other eye care specialist. Functional vision is most often assessed through observation rather than formal testing. However, practitioners in this area of work are required to use and have a sound understanding of some specialist assessments including tests for acuity, print size, contrast etc. Course participants will be given the opportunity to try out, and discuss a selection of assessments.

Target Audience: Professionals interested in the Functional Assessment of Vision in Children. As this course will have a practical element, numbers will be limited to 20

Presenters: Lesley Reid, a teacher of the visually impaired who is also a qualified and experienced orthoptist, and
Janis Sugden Scottish Sensory Centre/Edinburgh University