Common Causes of Visual Loss in Children

Presented on Friday 15 May 2009

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How will you use what you have learned today?

Share it with my colleagues when I get back.
Have a look over my caseload and link conditions to materials given for a better understanding.
Gained a better understanding of conditions and the implications these can have on particular children that I work with. Lots of practical ideas in handout.
In teaching methods used with pupils - awareness of problems this may be having and adapting methods to suit.
Re-read pupils' medical histories based on new conditions learned. Use info learned to better understand these pupils' conditions.
Gives me a better understanding of pupils' difficulties and reasons for these. Now wish to explore their individual diagnoses in more depth (with reports held in school).
Causes information: further reading for my own interest. Strategies information: pass on to support team/general teachers. VI Scotland website - flag up to parents and other professionals.
Impart same information to staff (teaching and classroom assistants).
To help understanding of different behaviours etc of children I deal with every day.
Apply strategies to my practice and advise colleagues and parents of what I have learned today.
It has given me a good understanding and I will use it in furthering my knowledge.
Pass on information to vision support team.
It will enable me to understand and therefore help more efficiently the VI children with whom I work.

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What was best about the course/event?

The different VI problems and strategies.
Information about conditions.
Clearly presented. Videos and slides to illustrate points being discussed.
Interactive multimedia examples of real life patients (case studies).
I now feel more informed.
Knowledge of presenters with 'active' case study examples to demonstrate. Sharing of practice with other professionals.
Insight into the fact that so many visual impairments are in fact a result of brain damage.
Case studies.
The slides/opportunities to ask questions.
I was impressed by the speakers in-depth knowledge and understanding.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Maybe having handouts in advance to enable notetaking.
Handouts for Andrew's slides.
Would have been better if presented in original order (but this was fully explained).
Technological hitches! (2)
Morning session - pace was fast; would have preferred also to have slide notes to annotate with additional, personal notes. Both sessions - contained slides that were not 'tailored' to us as an audience; lots of 'skipping' slides.
Pace in the first half was very fast.
Some information overlapped; perhaps this was intended.

Any other comments regarding the course?

Enjoyed very much - thank you!
Enjoyed this course, very beneficial.
Very interesting course. Could have listened to more!
Very informative and extremely interesting.
Would have been useful to have handouts of presentations to annotate during their delivery.

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Co-ordinator/Line Manager. (4)
SSC Newsletter. (1)
Colleague. (1)

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I know that the Development Journal is newly in use but have heard others talk about the use of the Oregon Project and wondered if a refresher of this may be suitable or whether this may now become less used.

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