University of Edinburgh

 What do we mean by Visual Impairment? - Awareness Raising

Presented on Thursday, 8th May, 2014


Participants were made aware of common eye conditions and the implications this may have on a child's ability to learn and access the same educational opportunities as their peers. The afternoon sessions were mainly practical. Participants were invited to take part in activities wearing simulated specs or sleep shades.

Previous course participants have said:

"Relaxed atmosphere and chance to experience situations."

"Being able to take part in practical activities made me more aware of the difficulties that my pupil faces."

Target Audience: This course is primarily suitable for mainstream teachers and classroom assistants who support visually impaired children in a variety of educational settings. Other professionals and specialist teachers of the visually impaired new to the field may also find this course beneficial.

Presenters: Janis Sugden, Co-ordinator, Scottish Sensory Centre

10.30 am - What do we mean by visual impairment?

11.30 am - What can go wrong?

1.30 pm - Practical Activities wearing simulated spectacles

3 pm - Roles and responsibilities for those supporting children with a visual impairment in a mainstream setting

3.30 pm - Course evaluation and close